Laughs to EndMS (Jan. 19)! Chance to Win Canucks Tickets!

Comedy MIX is hosting a comedy night with all proceeds going to the MS Society’s Lower Mainland Chapter (LMC).

Click here to purchase tickets:

**Buy tickets before Dec. 1 for a chance to win Canucks tickets!**


Laughs to EndMS


Link to Facebook event page

Special guests:

  • Ivan Decker – featured award-winning comedian
  • Sylvia (Mina) Kolitsopoulos – actress/comedienne hosting the event
  • Mathieson McCrae
  • Vanessa Woznow

Location: Comedy MIX @ the Century Plaza, 1015 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Time: 7 PM (doors open at 6 PM) on Monday, January 19, 2015

Price: $25 each


Contest Submission – Lisa

Dear MS Society,

I will apologize first of all for the lack of creativity, poignant reflection or a cheerful
thought. But MS has had a huge impact on my life.

I’ve ”lost” my son, Oliver.

My MS diagnosis ended my marriage, and though we have shared custody my
son chooses to live with his dad. Oliver is now 14. When he was younger he
could just crawl into bed with me. We were very close, but now at this age he
obviously needs his own space. At this time I can’t afford to have a two bedroom
so that he could stay over.

He doesn’t even really visit. At 14 his mind is on his friends, his computer and
video games. We can all remember being a teenager, ”why put in the effort if I’m
going to be bored”……

With this Xbox 360, it would be my wish to be able to re engage with Oliver as
he is a TRUE GAMER! His friends and adults alike can not believe his motor
skills. I would LOVE to invite him over and play some video games with him. It
would mean the world to me, and I’m pretty sure Oliver as well 🙂

Lisa - Contest Entry

Contest Submission – Jason

Being part of the MS Board of Directors over the past year has really opened up my eyes to realizing how MS affects many of those around us.

Some people believe that being diagnosed with MS “automatically” means a debilitating lifestyle. However, what I have found is much to the contrary.

The MS community (including those living with MS, their friends, and support networks) is incredibly resilient, motivated, and passionate. I have heard inspiring stories from many of these individuals ranging from the struggles of every day life to regaining the ability to walk.

So here’s to all of you in the MS community:

“Some days are tough while others are great, but know that they all contribute toward the success of your journey.”

MS Contest

Contest Submission – Brenda

I’ve had MS since I was 20 – well over half of my life. It would be easy to concentrate on what is lost – I try to, instead, focus on what’s gained.

The best parts are what my best friend and caregiver and I do:

Besides taking life a step at a time, we try to think outside of the box. She arranged for me to take the zipline (photos attached) at the 2010 Olympics and I for her to go paragliding last year. It sounds like she enjoyed it; this video records her fun as the pilot put the glider in a loop!

Garden may 2010 016

Garden may 2010 027

Garden may 2010 033

Contest Submission – Marilyn

Having MS is very unpredictable. One day you might have energy the next day you may not.

When trying to describe what MS is like to people who know nothing about the disease, I ask them to relate back to being young and on a seesaw. When you first get on, your butt is on the ground and you have to work really hard to balance the seesaw with your friend. Then you have to continually be aware to keep finding that balance point, if you don’t, you will be back on the ground.

Having an MS relapse is like the seesaw, it’s hard work recovering. Some of us are fortunate to have relapsing remitting MS and we get to balance the seesaw, but you have to always be concerned with your energy levels and prioritize what is important to keep your MS balanced. Others have progressive MS and they are unable balance their seesaw, constantly fighting the uphill battle and their MS continues to progress.

I have found most people, even without a medical explanation, can start to relate to MS, when they understand how balancing MS is, like a seesaw. You are always working to keep your life balanced. Unfortunately relapses, do come my way, but I hope I continue to be able to find the balance point once again.

Marilyn Lenzen

**Contest Update** Chance to win 1 of 4 TVs and an Xbox 360!

As part of our focus on MS Awareness Month, we are launching an exciting contest where you could win 1 of 4 LG 37″ TVs and an Xbox 360!

Here’s how to enter:

1) Submit a photo/video/story/poem/any type of media that relates to the following theme: “What does MS mean to you?”

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Grand prizes:

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