Volunteer Profile- Jason Low, LMC Board of Directors


Even though Jason Low is a relatively new member of the Lower Mainland Chapter’s Board of Directors, he’s already making an impact. As the first board member to take on the chapter’s social media accounts, Jason has demonstrated innovation and conscientiousness by learning how to create and successfully run our Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter accounts. A Senior Management Consultant and frequent traveler for business, Jason still manages to make time for volunteering; previously volunteering at the Kelowna General Hospital and the Golden Key International Honour Society.

One year ago the MS Society post on Go Volunteer caught Jason’s eye. It mentioned that the chapter was going through some changes and Jason was eager to help out during a period of transition.

Now that he’s been on the board for over a year he’s led a Scotiabank MS Walk team and is running a social media contest. He describes his fellow board members as warm and friendly and says that meetings can easily stretch longer than 2 hours because everyone is good to talk to. He believes the board strives to create more awareness about MS and to increase the events and services available for people affected by MS.

Jason has truly enjoyed hearing the transformative stories people have told him about living with MS; so much so that his social media content entry for “What does MS mean to me?” was entitled Many challenges, but More Successes! He emphasizes how no matter what step you take with MS, whether good or bad, you are constantly making little changes, like joining a self-help group or going gluten-free, and that these changes combined with a strong support group can lead you to focus on the bright side of MS.

In the future Jason would like to continue raising awareness about MS by joining a SnapQuest team and getting more people engaged with the LMC MS Society’s Facebook Page. Jason is thankful to the board for letting him develop new social media skills and for the opportunity to volunteer in a different capacity than he has before.


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